Driving Test Myths


Quite a few urban myths have grown up about the driving test. It’s worth trying to dispel them so as to avoid unnecessary worry. Here are some of the more common ones.

X Examiners have a monthly quota. There is no maximum number of applicants that an examiner can pass, so you don’t need to worry that he may have used up all his passes.

X Some examiners are stricter than others.The Driving Standards Agency extensively trains its examiners to mark by the same standards. Thereafter they are regularly assessed to make sure they are not too strict or too lenient.

X You aren’t allowed to make any mistakes on your testNo one can perform a perfect test. You can make mistakes and still pass, but they must not be serious ones.

X The examiner will try to trick you by giving incorrect instructionsThis will not happen, but use your common sense and obey the law. Don’t go through no entry signs or pull over on double yellow lines.

X If you get lost during the independent driving part of the test you will fail. That part of the test devoted to independent driving involves following a map or road signs without the aid of directions from the examiner. You will be assessed on the standard of your driving not on how well you follow signs or a map.